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to the homepage of our Practice for Chinese Medicine Bremen.

After our relocation from the Center of Chinese Medicine we are happy to welcome you at our new treatment center in Bremen Horn-Lehe. Dr. Kleiser and his team offer the full scope of Chinese Medicine as well as their long-term experience. We would like to introduce ourselves on the following pages.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our practice.

Our motto: “… establishing the Original root of the kidneys, (thereby) allowing the heart to settle downwards to rest and nourish, and from this the gallbladder has the space and the ‘security’ to unwind and warm itself and the spirit to return to its natural far reaching ways.” (our Qi Gong Meisters Roy Jenzen, Australia June 2017)

Fundamental Principles of Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine has existed for 3000 years and is founded on five pillars:

Our therapists are trained in these areas and offer you the full range of their expertise.

Fields of Application

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) affects our vegetative nervous system. Since this autonomic nervous system takes part in nearly all processes of life, TCM can be applied to a great number of illnesses and disorders.

This is an excerpt of frequent cases in our practice:

  1. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
    • Backaches
    • Aching joints (knees, hips, shoulder and elbows)
    • Arthritis and arthrosis
    • Rheumatism
    • “Tennis elbow”
  2. Sports injuries and similar afflictions
  3. Migraines and head injuries resulting from various causes (tension, stress, computer work, etc.)
  4. Neurological diseases such as
    • Trigeminal neuralgia
    • Spasticity and paralyses, i.e. due to facial nerve paresis or strokes
    • Polyneuropathy
  5. Depression and anxiety disorder (fear of flying, test anxiety)
  6. Disorders due to weakness and exhaustion, i.e. burnout syndrome
  7. ENT illnesses such as tinnitus, acute and chronic sinusitis, acute hearing loss, vertigo
  8. Circulatory problems and metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure, aftermath of heart attack, cardiac arrhythmia, diabetes
  9. Diseases of the respiratory system such as allergies, asthma, chronic bronchitis or sinusitis
  10. Addiction problems (nicotine, alcohol, heroin, cocaine)
  11. Gastrointestinal diseases and digestive problems (i.e. irritable bowels, colitis ulcerosa, Crohn´s disease, food intolerances)
  12. Gynecological indications, such as
    • Menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhea, PMS
    • Menopause problems
    • Acute and chronic inflammations, cysts and myomas
    • Unfulfilled child wish
    • Birth preparation and speeding up of birthing time
    • Maternity sickness and swelling during pregnancy
  13. Skin disorders and allergies such as neurodermatitis, food intolerances, hay fever, urticaria, itching, acne
  14. Eye diseases such as glaucoma, conjunctivitis, stye , dry and irritated eyes
  15. Loss of hair
  16. Preventative health care in general
  17. Disorders with an unclear cause which are indefinable by conventional medicine
  18. Pain relief and activation of physical strength for cancer patients

Treatment Procedure

To be able to treat you in our practice, you need to make an appointment with us, i.e. by telephone.

Your first visit in our medical practice will take about two hours. This amount of time is necessary for a thorough first examination and questioning, for a detailed diagnosis and a treatment plan as well as the first steps of therapy.
For an optimal treatment, we ask you to fill out the admission check list (PDF) and to bring it with you on your first visit. You will find the admission check list in the navigation bar on the top of this page. You can also fill out the form on your first visit in our practice.

In addition to this, we need information about conventional medical treatments which you have submitted to. Please ask your doctor to provide copies of all previous examinations and treatments and bring these with you on your first visit. Should you be unable to keep an appointment we ask you to please inform us as soon as possible.

Acupuncture Treatment

We welcome our patients with a cup of tea. Afterwards you are escorted to one of our therapy rooms. Here, the therapist will make a thorough first examination and anamnesis of your condition. Dr. Kleiser and his team regard Chinese Medicine as one part of the scope of alternative healing methods. It is a complementary medicine and regarded as an addition to conventional western medicine and other natural therapies. Dr. Kleiser evaluates western diagnostics as carefully as he takes Chinese assessments (i.e. of pulse, tongue, vegetative symptoms, etc.) into consideration, joining them to a comprehensive diagnosis in the framework of Chinese Medicine.

After the anamnesis, you will be asked to recline comfortably on a therapy bench. A thorough examination follows, and after that your therapist will begin either with massage techniques (Tuina) or with acupuncture. The penetration of the skin by the needle may cause an electric tingle that will disappear quickly. Patients may also feel a vague pull along the neural pathways or meridians. These feelings are called “De Qi” and an effect of the needle. Patients experience varying degrees of this “needle feeling”. The body relaxes after a few minutes, arms and legs grow heavy. Some patients experience a gentle flow. Feelings of warmth, inner peace and deep relaxation are very common.

The needles are removed after 20 minutes and you may rest another 10 minutes before you are asked to rise. The first treatment session is completed by a follow-up discussion with the therapist. Subsequent sessions are followed by a consultation if the need arises.

Side Effects

Chinese Medicine is practically free of side effects, if it is practiced correctly. However, as in any therapy which influences the body, there may be some unintended by-effects. With our sound education and long-term experience, we can control the impact of treatments. Before your first treatment we will thoroughly discuss possible reactions and give you sufficient time to ask questions.

You may download an information sheet about possible side effects here or in the navigation bar above.

Costs of Treatment

The practice for Chinese Medicine is a private practice. We calculate costs for therapies according to the German fee regulation catalogue (GOÄ). You will receive an invoice with a detailed listing of provided medical services.
For further information please call our practice.